Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thing 6 --

Image Chef is so fast and easy to use. It will be interesting to find out if this or the trading card tool are blocked at school. I really could see using both of these tools for many different promotional items. It would be great to use the trading card tool at the beginning of the year to pass out to staff and students with the library's staff on them as bookmarks. So fun!
Even as a small banner, it looks like it takes up most of the width of the page.
I could also waste a lot of time on these tools. :)
Kids would have a lot of fun with ToonDoos. I'm not sure I'm that creative.

ImageChef Custom Images

Image Chef

Awareness Ribbons Customized -

Thing 5 -- more Flicker

I used the color picture to find a photo. Wow! How easy . . . I could really see the use of this in the classroom, but I am guessing Flicker is blocked. I suppose there is no control of what pictures may come up.
Spell with Flicker was also very neat. Can definitely see using this again. It would be fun to use these tools to make some promotional items for my media centers -- posters, bookmarks, etc. I didn't really figure out how to save the images from this site.
If a person was really into photography, I could see sharing the photos online for others to use. Though I am still not comfortable sharing personal photos.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thursday, February 6

Not sure if this is one of the "things" (I'll have to check.)
I happen to run across this program through my email and tried it out. For fun! I could really get into this on a personal side. :)

My boys.

Thing 4 -- Flicker -- Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am beginning to become very frusterated with our school system. Everything is blocked.
I have explored Flicker at home and was amazed at what one could. And I had only begun to explore.
In the beginning I couldn't even access Flicker from school. Now I have been given access but the picutes are blocked. Acess doesn't do a lot of good.
I will continue to explore this task at home but do not see a lot of use for it if the school district will not allow it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thing 3 -- RSS Feeds -- Monday, February 4, 2008

The past few days I've been trying to figure out these RSS Feeds. I think they could be really useful. I often find a site that is updated regularly, bookmark it, and think I will go back to it regularly but that rarely happens.
I had a lot of trouble setting up my feeds. I continously received the message "Invalid Feed URL". I think I have it right now. We'll see.
I was able to get the feeds into my Google Reader, but I wanted them to show up on my blog and wasn't able to. Wondered if it was because "Bloglines" was blocked at school so I used the GoogleReader.
I haven't been able to add any of my fellow participants blogs except to the Google Reader.
I agree with many of the comments. As I too thought this was very confusing and am not sure if I would do it without be "compelled" to.
I just ran across an online book club for 5th grade students. It is ran through a RSS feed. What a neat idea to use this tool for.